Overcome Hunger.


Utilizing the blockchain to contribute to the world by battling global hunger while keeping engaged with the community through our unique DeFi features designed to achieve greatness. We are loyal to the community and the hungry. Scroll down to learn more or read the Fupspaper!


FUPS Token Utility

Other features will be unlocked as our project and community grow

FUPS, a BEP-20 Token

FUPS is a BEP-20 token that is deflationary, auto-yield generating, auto-allocating to charity, marketing & bonus and auto-pooling to liquidity. Built on BSC to provide faster and cheaper transactions.

  • Get more FUPS token by just holding it in your wallet.
  • FUPS burns more than any other projects as 60% of the total supply was burned.
    It means more burn % per tx as it auto-distributes to all holders including the burn wallet, a massive holder. More
    scarce = More value.
  • Unlike many, FUPS auto-allocates for marketing to achieve greater heights which favors the holders.
  • There’s a Bonus feature which is unique to FUPS. It will be utilized in FupSwap.
  • FUPS has good % rate of auto-pooling to LP which ensures the liquidity grows and price floor is more stable.

FUPS will be in FupSwap

FUPS token will be the main token in FupSwap, our decentralized exchange.
Get more FUPS when you trade in FupSwap through our unique reward system.

The Bonus feature will be applied to reward the users of FupSwap every end of month.
Who are eligible for this? The Fupsies who did step 1-3:

  1. Buy FUPS in FupSwap or add to FUPS/BNB liquidity (either of the two)
  2. Hold FUPS and be among the Top 200 holders
  3. Do more than 3 trades in FupSwap

FUPS will be in NFupT

FUPS will be utilized in NFupT, our NFT marketplace that allocates its generated fees to either Feed Pups top-tier marketing or additional funds for feeding the hungry children and pups.

  • Our community will decide through voting every end of month where the funds will be used.
    For this one, it is not needed to be in FUPS Club to vote. We value everyone within the community.
  • Use FUPS token to buy Feed Pups or its partners’ limited edition physical or digital NFT and get a 20% discount!

FUPS an Exclusive Club

FUPS Club, an exclusive club for the diamond hands and top holders. Members of this club have a seat at the table and may vote or suggest various ideas to improve Feed Pups project.

  • FUPS Club members also have exclusive access to rare NFTs and new features of Feed Pups project which will be revealed in the near future.
  • FUPS Club members may vote for a new product development as long as it is feasible, in-line with Feed Pups’ vision, beneficial to the project & community, and all Feed Pups products within the FupsMap were already released.
  • For general suggestions, comments or votes, FUPS Club will be fully open to hear each of our member’s voice.

Feed Pups Anti-Sabotage

Feed Pups Anti-Sabotage is an anti-bot and anti-whale measure that caps wallets to buy, sell or hold no more than 0.1% of total supply during the first 30 minutes after launch. After that, everyone can buy more but max sells will be capped at 0.5% of the total supply per sell forever.


Feed Pups Introduction

Food is the biggest necessity in our lives. Without Food, hunger strikes and when we are hungry, we have less power physically and mentally. Humans and animals cannot survive in absence of food.
Thus, food is life.

According to the global hunger index, most people who suffer from hunger are children.

On the other hand, COVID-19 pandemic left many pets, mostly dogs, with no owner. Pups or puppies are the most vulnerable as they are not yet old enough to hunt for their own food.

Feed Pups is dedicated to help the hungry and vulnerable children and pups. Yes! We are here for both humans and dogs. By strong community interaction and through decentralized finance, together we can defeat global hunger.


Feed Pups Mission

Overcome global hunger by building a strong DeFi project and community that cares and gives from the heart. We will feed the hungry and vulnerable children and pups.

Feed Pups Vision

Become a globally recognized and preferred crypto currency for feed the hungry charity with DeFi features that keeps our community engaged.


Our Team

We have a small but passionate team with big love for humans and animals. Being in crypto for 5 years at most, we have seen many challenges, improvements and opportunities in this space. We are here to stay and give hope for the hungry and vulnerable and at the same time create an opportunity for our community to grow as human being and DeFi enthusiast. We are loyal to our people and pups.


Global Hunger Index

Global hunger has been one of the biggest
social problems of the world


Countries will fail even to reach low hunger status by 2030


Countries have serious levels of hunger


Countries have alarming level of hunger


Countries in the moderate serious or alarming categories have higher 2020 GHI scores than 2012 scores



People are undernourished



Children suffer from stunting, a sign of chronic undernutrition



Children suffer from wasting, a sign of acute undernutrition



Children died before their fifth birthdays in 2018, often due to undernutrition



Phase 1
  • Feed Pups vision ignited
  • Planning and Development
  • Fupspaper v1
  • Website Launch
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Whitelisting
  • Audit
  • Public Crowdsale
  • Token Generation Event
  • Massive Token Burn
  • PancakeSwap Listing
  • Mystery Product Launch
  • Reach 3,000 Holders
Phase 2
  • Coingecko and Coinmarketcap listing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • First Charity Partnership
  • Community Giveaways
  • Reach 6,000 Holders
  • NFupT Marketplace Launch
  • First Project Partnership
  • CEX listing
Phase 3
  • Tiktok Marketing
  • Reach 12,000 Holders
  • Second Charity Partnership
  • NFT Artist Partnership
  • FupSwap Development
  • Team Expansion
Phase 4
Main Course
  • Billboard Marketing
  • FupSwap Launch
  • Reach 50,000 Holders
  • FUPS Club
  • Mystery Product Development
  • Global FUPS Ambassador Hiring
Phrase 5
  • Live Global Advertisements
  • Reach 100,000 Holders
  • Mystery Product Launch
  • More Charity, Project Partnerships and CEX listings
  • Feed Pups is recognized worldwide as a well-vetted feed the hungry charity crypto currency
  • FUPS is accepted as payment by merchants
Phase 6
Happy Tummy
  • Feed Pups has fed millions of children and pups across the globe
  • Community is stronger than ever reaching 200,000 holders
  • FUPS small team became a big family of kind and loving people
  • FUPS is the most preferred community coin by people’s choice
  • Achieve 1 Billion Dollar Market Capitalization
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